buildpy features:
  • Utility for compiling and installing python3 from source binaries on Linux.
  • Compile Python 2.6 to 3.7+ major versions.
  • Automatically finds and installs the latest binary set for download from
  • Unattended install via quiet mode


  • buildpy compiles, installs, and configures Python binaries for the entire system.
  • If you wish to build Python for a single user, consider pipenv

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Getting Started

Before starting, we recommended reviewing the following:


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Download: Available via download in the formats below

Source Code

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Supported Linux Distributions

Ubuntu, Ubuntu-based Variants

Redhat, Redhat-based Variants


Older versions than listed above may be compatible, but not have not been tested

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After you have installed builpy, see below for common use cases.


Root privileges via sudo required; otherwise execute directly as root user

Use / Verify Operating System Dependencies

$ buildpy --show os-packages

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Use / Compile and install Python

To compile and install the latest Python-3.6 binaries (3.6.7 at the time of this post), use the following command:

$ sudo buildpy --install Python-3.6

Or as root directly:

$ sudo su -
root@dev:~# buildpy --install 3.6

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Use / Unattended Use

If run via unattended script, use --quit to suppress stdout messages:

$ sudo buildpy --install 3.6 --quiet

A running log is created in all execution states to /var/log/buildpy.log. See an example log file.

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To display the help menu:

$ buildpy --help

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License Protection

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Code is provided “as is”. No liability is assumed by either the code’s originating author nor this repo’s owner for their use at AWS or any other facility. Furthermore, running function code at AWS may incur monetary charges; in some cases, charges may be substantial. Charges are the sole responsibility of the account holder executing code obtained from this library.

Additional terms may be found in the complete license agreement.

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